Sufi Haraki Daie Murabbi

.:Moga Dagang kita diterima ALLAH:. "Ssghnya,Jihad mengajar kita bahawasanya ISLAM itu umpama sepohon pokok yang tidak mungkin tumbuh melainkan di atas titis darah dan air mata"

Chicken soup for the nurse’s soul 1
To all nurse who ,
perhaps more than any other group
on earth,
Truly ease the suffering in the world..

Ini adalah cerita yang dipetik idea seorang sahabat..

My chance came on a warm Saturday morning when I had coveted week off from my job in long term-care facilities.My husband and I headed for the cubs ballpark via the train.On the way, I glimpse some people huddled around a man lying limply in his aeat.

The conductor talked excitedly in his walkie talkie. I heard fragment of “emergency” and “ambulance”. Surprising myself, I approach him and said, “I’m a nurse. Could I be for any help?”
“I don’t need a nurse,” he rudely snapped back, loud enough for the crowd to hear. “I need a medic!”.

His public put-down to nurses was a punch in the stomach. I was incensed. My adrenaline kicked in, and I abruptly elbowed my way through the crowd,past the insulting conductor and back on the train.

Three men were standing like statues staring at a young man crumpled over in the seat. His face was the colour of a ripe plum.Fortunately,the ABCS of cardiopulmonary resuscitation clicked into my brain.The man obviously obstructing his own airway.I was relieved to find a pulse.

“He had seizure,”one man offered.
“Help me sit him up,”.I instructed the bystanders,as I loosened his collar and tie.His hoisted him to upright position and I quickly did a jaw thrust and titled his a wadded tissue from my pocket I cleared the more thick mucous from his mouth and throat.A thump on the shoulders caused him to take in big breath air.Within seconds,his colour changed to pink and his eyes opened.His tounged is bruised and and cut from bitting it,but his was breathing well.

I heard the ambulance siren in the background
Shaking now,I returned to m
Shaking now,I returned to my husband,praying the man did not have aids and searching for something to wipe my sticky hands on.

“Hey,you did a good job,”one of the men who had been bystander called to me.

“thanks,”,I replied with a pleased smile,as I stared directly at the conductor who still clutched his walkie talkie and looked surprise.He stammered, “I guess a nurse is what I needed after all”.

Triumphly,I marched off,hoping at least one person had a new insight into the capabilities of the nursing profession.Because,at the moment,I was especially proud to be a nurse.

Barbara A.Brandy

*Cardiopulmonary resuscitation:Also called CPR.An emergency procedure for life support consisting of artificial respiration and manual external cardiac massage.It Is used in cases of cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest.

*ABCs;Airways,breathing and circulation.the three vital action should taken in the emergency cases